Sunday, 15 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day, Learning Celebrations, and Book Fair

This is a big week, and it involves many of my favourite things!

Here is a quick look at a few of the highlights for this week.

Monday, March 16
     Library books and hot lunch order forms are due today!

Tuesday, March 17
     It's St. Patrick's day. We have lots of green, leprechaun themed learning happening today and throughout the week.
     Make sure you wear green today!

Wednesday, March 18
     Book Fair starts!
This is one of my most favourite things! Today's book fair hours are 9:00am until 3:20pm.

Thursday, March 19
     Last day for the Book Fair!
Today hours are 9:00am until7:15 pm.
Our class will be going down to check it out at 9:30am today. This time is primarily for us to make a wishlist, and explore the fair. However feel free to send your child with money (cash only), meet us there at 9:30am, or check it out in the evening during our Celebration of Learning!

Celebration of Learning runs tonight from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. We are having these in place of formal interviews this reporting period. Come let your child lead you through centres that will showcase their learning, and then stop in at the Book Fair before you leave. Students are very excited to be the teacher for an evening. Plan to be here for about 15-20mins. I look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, March 20
    No School for students today.
If you requested a formal interview you should have received confirmation through email. If you would like a formal interview please email me at as soon as possible. Thanks!

Last week we had 2 special days that I wanted to highlight.

The first was our big buddies from Wilson Middle School came back to visit. This is a great opportunity to build relationships, and have some expert readers come work with us.

On the Thursday we had our Bucket Filler Party. As a class we earn our parties by optimizing our learning time. This means we are listening when someone is talking, working hard when it's time to work, and lining up quickly and quietly when we leave the room. These are just a few of the ways we work towards our class party. For this party students wrote about what they would like, and I tried to give many different writers at least one of their requests. Here is a look at our day.

We started off with Read to Self, however we threw in a sweet twist of having bookworms (gummy worms) to enjoy our books with.

Next we did a special art project using puff paint. We used the paint to create a beard for our Leprechauns. Puff paint is simple to make, and a lot of fun to use! All you need is equal-ish amounts of white shaving cream and white liquid glue, and then some food colouring to add colour. The texture once it dries is pretty neat, however quite breakable if touched. 

And the finished product.....

The last part of our day included extra recess and snow-cones! Mrs. M very kindly brought her snow-cone machine, and some yummy flavours for us to try. Thanks Mrs. M, it was a huge hit! 

Congrats on working hard to earn your party Grade 1-2's. 
Keep it up!