Monday, 11 May 2015

A Musical Week Ahead

First of all, I hope all the Mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend! I hope your child spoiled you with love... and possibly coupons or a card!

Here is a look at a few key things happening this week:

Monday, May 11: 
The last Hot lunch forms are due today; no lates will be accepted.

Book orders go home! - This is the last book order I will be doing this year. I've combined May and June orders into this pack, which is why it is larger than normal. Thanks for the support you've given book orders this year. We've been able to get a few new books for our classroom through your support.

An Art Auction note is in your child's agenda. Please check this out as we will be working hard to finish up some new art that students will have a choice to put in the auction next week. 

Library books are due.

Spring pictures are today!

Tuesday, May 12: 
Field trip forms are due. An extra large field trip form came home last week. This highlights all field trips from now until the end of the year. Thanks so much to parents who have volunteered already! Please mark the dates listed on the form on your calendar. If you are interested in coming on a field trip, but don't know if you're able to right now, please let me know and I can contact you closer to the date if we are short volunteers. 

Thursday, May 14: 
Peter and the Wolf field trip. This week in music we'll be learning about the different instruments in the orchestra as a lead up to our Peter and the Wolf performance on Thursday. Students will be taking a bus to Southminster Church in the morning, and returning around lunch.

***if you volunteered for this trip, I will contact you Tuesday night to confirm***

Friday, May 15: 
We have a concert band coming to perform for us from Saskatchewan. This will be another great experience that relates to instruments, and performance!

This upcoming weekend is May Long - please remember there is no school on Monday. Have a fantastic long weekend!

Looking Back

Last week we celebrated Education Week through our school wide Science Fair. Our class worked with Miss Appleton's class to discover what plants need to grow and live. Students made a hypothesis at the beginning that plants needed sun, water, soil, and food. Our class attempted to grow chia seeds, and had a few interesting discoveries along the way. Since Miss Appleton's class doesn't have a window we predicted our chia seeds would grow better. In fact, we learned that plants don't necessarily always need sun, but rather the proper light. Miss Appleton's chia seeds sprouted almost 3 days earlier then ours. We also discovered plants need proper water, proper soil, and proper air (and temperature of that air). 

Students learned some extra large words last week as we looked at the life cycle of many plants: seed --> germanation --> seedling --> young plant --> mature plant --> disperal.

On Thursday students took what they had learned and became the experts on our topic in the gym. They were able to share with guests and other students what they had learned this week. It was truly impressive to see the students lead others in their learning. They did a terrific job! 

I will say, our class was feeling a little down that our chia seeds didn't grow much last week, however they have a nice surprise in store for them at school now! 

Here are a few pictures of our science experts from last week.

Bonus Question: Chia seeds have sprouted in a strange place in the classroom. Tell your family and write where it is in your agenda.