Monday, 4 May 2015

Exciting Learning is Happening!

Before we get into this week, I want to do a quick recap of the last 2 weeks. We've had some amazing learning experiences lately, and instead of telling you about them, check out the pictures below.

Scientists in Schools 

Scientist Mark was our leader for the morning. He shared many great stories, and safely led us into the wonderful world of bugs.

Students became ants (with antenna even). They each had a smell and their mission was to find their fellow ant friends using the senses crucial to ant survival.

Students were split into small groups and led through an activity involving mealworms.

Scientist Mark finished the morning by introducing us to some of his special insect friends. Below are a few students who were brave enough to hold the very large cockroach. 

A HUGE thanks to our volunteers who came out to help on this day. They were a really great group, and were crucial in making this morning of scientific exploration a success.

Swimming - Bucket Filler Party

It's been a while since our class has been swimming, but the joy on the students faces as they get a whole afternoon of exercise and relationship building is always wonderful to see! 

Bonus Questions of the Week: Who is doing the front flip?! 

Another HUGE thanks to our wonderful volunteers who came out for swimming. The pools have increased the student-adult supervision ratio, however we had no problems getting amazing volunteers for this trip too! 

Aggie Days

This was my first year attending Aggie Day. Coming from a pretty small town background, it was so fun to see the students engaged in a rural lifestyle. Students were split into groups, so it was interesting getting back on the bus and sharing about what the different groups experienced. A highlight for my group was watching the sheep shearing. Wow those animals have a huge coat of wool to carry around! It was also awesome to be at an event with all the other Grade 1-2 classes from Park Meadows.

My last HUGE thanks goes out to our last group of fabulous volunteers.

We put the memo out for lots of volunteers in 2 weeks, and I was amazed at the outpouring of people who came to make these learning experiences possible! 

Speaking of volunteers..... today in your child's agenda you will see a large field trip form. This is our all-in-one form for all the May/June field trips. Please mark your calendars with these events, and check to see if we can continue to have that amazing outpouring of fantastic volunteers! 

The monthly school newsletter also went home today! Lots of reading to do. Try reading some of these things as a family.

After that great re-cap, lets take a very brief look at what's happening this week.

Science Fair - Education Week

Park Meadows is hosting an amazing Science Week this week. Each class is engaged in hands on learning and will present their project on Thursday. We invite you to come anytime between 11:00am and 3:00pm. 
Our class is working alongside Miss Appleton's class to look at the plant life cycle, what plants need, and how they are important to our lives. Ask your child this week about what they are learning. So far we've discovered our chia seeds are in the germanation stage, and we are really hoping they turn into seedlings soon! 

Remember there is no school on Friday as teachers have a Professional Learning day.