Sunday, 31 May 2015

June is Here!

We officially have 20 days of school until summer holidays. In looking at the month ahead it makes me excited for all the learning we will do, in and outside the classroom. This week is our last event free week, and so we will be working to get done as much as possible!

Students work hard to earn "warm fuzzies" through their work habits, following guidelines, and kindness in the classroom. On Monday they had a chance to "cash in" their fuzzies. Check out their agenda to see what rewards they chose!

In science we are learning about temperature and will be doing some exciting experiments using thermometers.
We are happy to report we have butterflies. The beautiful creatures started emerging last week, and we have to give a shout out to Parent Council for supporting us in this scientific discovery. Students are so engaged in the life cycle of the caterpillars, and are using words most of us haven't heard of. See if your child can tell you what any of these mean: chrysalis, meconium, proboscis.
We are also reading through the Magic School Bus - Insect Invaders book to wrap up our Insects unit.

Check out a few butterfly pictures!

This is a view from the top of the net. Can you see the meconium?
 One of our new butterflies is sitting beside a friend still in the chrysalis state.
 Blog Bonus Question: Look carefully at the next 3 pictures. 
What is different about them? 
Write the answer in your agenda or tell me at school. 

Grade 2's began our double digit addition and subtraction unit last week. We've worked hard to learn our strategies for adding and subtracting, and now are breezing through this latest skill. We will solidify subtracting with regrouping and then move onto using this skill in problem solving questions.

In Review
Last Friday we had the opportunity to go with the whole school to the North Side Pow Wow. It was a really cool experience, and amazing to see the work the drummers, singers, and dancers put in!

Waiting for the Pow Wow to begin.

 The incredible Hoop dancer.

Our friend Tallon that moved was part of the Men's Grass dance! He is in the blue and orange on the left hand side. Way to go Tallon!

A view of everyone as the Round dance began. 

Hope everyone has a great first week of June!