Monday, 22 June 2015

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Last week I mentioned to the class that they should look around the room and start to cherish the moments they have with their classmates from this past year. I've been reflecting this week, and from someone who grew up in a small town, my class didn't really change much from year to year. A couple people might come and go, but when I graduated from high school it was with 7/24 people who I started kindergarten with. Many of the others joined us quite early on also. When I look at the group of students from this year, I told them this is almost 100% the last 5 days they will ever spend as this configuration. My advice to them was to enjoy each other for the last little while and to build friendships that will lead to students hardly being able to wait to reunite come September!

To do that we are going to do many team building, memory making, collaborative activities this week. To celebrate the end of the year we will be popping 2 balloons each day that will have special activities. Be sure to check in for what the special activities of the day are!

Here's to a fantastic last week of Grade 1 or 2!

Week at a Glance

Monday, June 22: 
     Business as usual.
     Please check students backpacks and agendas as school materials are starting to come home daily!

Tuesday, June 23: 
     Movie Mill Field Trip in the morning. We have lots of volunteers for this field trip, thank you, thank you! An email will go home on Monday afternoon to confirm with volunteers.

Wednesday, June 24: 
     Grade 5 Farewell Assembly @ 10:30am - join us as we say goodbye, and wish the Grade 5's the best of luck as they move on to Middle School.

Thursday, June 25: 
     Today is our last Spirit Day of the year. We are asking that students wear a plain coloured t-shirt. A hint, if students don't have any plain t-shirts, just try turning a t-shirt inside out for the day!
     Year End Assembly @ 9:00am - come join us as we celebrate a great year, and look back through a slideshow!

Friday, June 26: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - *noon dismissal*
    Agendas do not need to come to school today!
    We will have a classroom celebration where students will each receive a little award. They will also be presented with their official year end memory book. This will get started around 9:00am.
     After recess we will join the rest of the Grade 1-2's for an outdoor festivity. If you would like to join us for the morning as we wrap up the year, please let me know as we could definitely use a few parents for the outdoor portion.
     We are looking for a couple more people to bring snacks for our farewell party. Check out what is needed below, and either email me, or write in your child's agenda if you can help. I will confirm with you once you've contacted me. Thanks!
      1. fruit plate
      2. veggie plate
     Report cards go home today, so please watch for that in your child's backpack.
In Review

Swimming - for our last swimming adventure we had Mrs. Watson's class join us. It was a great morning of fun, and a great afternoon of calm, quiet students!

Boat Float
Student were put into groups of 3 to complete their boats. Each group was given a bag of materials in which they could use as much or as little as they wanted. They were given a bottle of glue, some string, and if they asked they were given duct tape. Their goal was to create a boat that:
1. floated
2. was stable in the water
3. could carry a load (up to 4 soup cans)
4. had an interesting design

It was truly amazing to watch the teams work together to create these masterpieces. 

With our boats ready, we headed to Chinook Lake to test them out. We were lucky to have this trip on an absolutely beautiful day! 

Attentively watching to see if their boat will indeed float and hold a load!

What a beautiful day to spend as a class testing out our boat making skills! You will be happy to know, we only had floaters in this class, and every boat held 4 cans! A big thanks to Riley's family for the huge pieces of styrofoam; they were key to the boats success.

Talent Show 
Last Tuesday was the school talent show. What an amazing group of students we have at Park Meadows! If you'd like to see pictures from the talent show go check out the link below, it leads you to the school website. 

In Closing

Students and Parents,

Being that this is the last official blog post of the year, I wanted to say thanks for the amazing year. It has truly been a pleasure to be part of your lives, and I look forward to seeing many of you again in September. Whether that be in the hallways, at assemblies, or back in my classroom. Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered in our classroom this year, it was incredible to see the support these students received!
I hope each and every one of you have an amazing summer!
Take care!

~ Mrs. Reimer

Blog Bonus Question:
What was your favourite part of the blog this week?

See you September 2, 2015 for the new school year!