Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Countdown Is On!

We are onto our second last week of school, and it looks like we have another great one ahead!

A heads up that over the next 10 days students will begin to bring home work, supplies, and other classroom items that we will no longer be needing. This will help to spread the load so students don't have to pack everything home on that last few days. Please check students backpacks and empty them out as their things come home.

Week at a Glance

Monday, June 15:
    A reminder that ALL library books are due. Late reminders have started going home, so please look for those books, or send money to pay for books that have gone missing. Thanks!

   Home Reading book kits are wrapping up for the year. Once students have finished the book they have, the kits will be returned for the last time. Thanks for all the hard work students have put into their home reading, their efforts are truly paying off in the progress I'm seeing. Continue to try and keep reading at home a habit throughout the summer.

    We will begin looking at constructing out boats for the Boat Float on Thursday. It would be great if any materials were at school on Monday.

Tuesday, June 16: 
     Swimming - We will be going swimming first thing in the morning, so if students want to wear their swimsuits to school that would be great. Please ensure they have their change of cloths for after though.
    Talent show - the Park Meadows 2015 Talent Show will begin at 12:45pm. Come check out the talents of our school and cheer on these students as they showcase their skills. Should be a great afternoon!

Wednesday, June 17: 
    We will say farewell to the wonderful Mrs. Moore. She has been a student teacher in our classroom for the past month and we want to say a big thanks for everything she's done in our class!

Thursday, June 18:
     Boat Float - we will be heading down to Chinook Lake for our boat float with all the other Grade 1-2 classes. Please send students with shoes (not flip flops) that can go in the water, and a plastic bag to carry their stuff.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 23: Movie Mill Field Trip

Wednesday, June 24: Grade 5 Graduation and Farewell

Friday, June 26: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

In Review

Last week we had a chance to celebrate and thank our volunteers for all the work and time they've put into making Park Meadows so great! The theme of the event was Flower Power and to decorate the gym each class created some art. Here is a glimpse of us creating some wildflower art.

We also performed our Reader's Theatre acts that we've been working on for the past couple weeks. Students did an excellent job of getting into character and reading their lines smoothly and with expression. Wonderful job Grade 1-2's!

Our last fun event of the week was our Sport's Day on Friday. Students were able to participate in 11 different stations each with a new challenge. It tested their sportsmanship, teamwork, determination, and physical ability. Each student did an amazing job, and I think you will see lots of smiles in these next pictures!

Water Pass - students filled a cup with water and then poured the cup down the line. The last student in line ran the remaining water to their teams bucket, and the team with the most water was the winner for that station.

Sponge Race - students soaked their sponge and ran or hopped to their teams cup as fast as possible. The team to overflow their cup first won that round.

 Tangram Brain Game - students were challenged to solving this tangram puzzle. One team mate was sent to look at the puzzle. Once back with their team they had to explain how to make it, however they weren't allowed to touch the puzzle pieces themselves.

 Potato Sack Relay Race - Always a fun event to be part of!

 Caterpillar Crawl - students worked as a caterpillar team to move themselves across the field to the finish line. This was a tricky event, and yet they all completed it with their heads held high!

 The Marble Grab - where students competed to see how many marbles they could collect for their team only using their feet!

The last event of the day was a tug of war between adults and students. After pulling with all our might the adults came up defeated by this very strong group of Grade 1-2's!

What an excellent day!! Thanks to all the volunteers who came out and helped make this day possible!

Blog Bonus Question: What three things were highlighted using pictures on the blog this week?