Sunday, 29 November 2015

Drifting into December! Nov 30 - Dec 4

The arrival of December means that Christmas is just around the corner. How exciting! Before we get to Christmas holidays, we have lots of learning to do, and one birthday to celebrate!

December Birthday!
We are looking forward to celebrating Nikolas before the holidays begin!

Week at a Glance
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
  • LAST Fitness Club for students that are registered.
Thursday, December 3, 2015
  • Library Books are due.
Friday, December 4, 2015
  • Quiznos hot lunch forms are due! Eating day will happen Tuesday, December 15.
Upcoming Events
Twinkle and Shine Christmas Concert!
The concert will happen over 2 nights to accommodate more spectators. We ask that you bring a pair of new socks for admission to go towards our Sock it to 'Em campaign. These socks are distributed between 5 local charities.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - Students with the last names A-J will be performing with Mrs. Gunderson's Grade 5 class.

Thursday, December 10, 2015 - Students with the last names K-Z will be performing with Mr. Entz's Grade 4-5 class.
We can't wait to see students shine over these 2 nights. The hard work is in fully swing for these concerts! Last week a note went home about costumes. Please review this and contact me with any questions you have please!
Secret Blog Task: In your agenda write what night you are performing for Christmas concert. Bonus if you can sing some of your concert songs to your family! 
** Miss Appleton even has the lyrics posted on her website if you want to practice your songs at home! Twinkle and Shine Lyrics

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - Quiznos Hot Lunch eating day.
Friday, December 18, 2015 - Class Christmas Party and last day before Christmas holidays! 

A Peek at Last Week
Silly Sock Day
During library I asked students to go shoe-less in order to showcase some of the silly socks in our class.
Notice the focus of these readers! I don't think most of them even noticed I took their pictures! We love reading in Grade 1-2!

Gingerbread Kick-Off
I forgot to take a picture of this, but last week we had the chance to construct a gingerbread house as a class. This was donated to us from Sobey's Uplands, and will be part of their gingerbread silent auction that is raising money for the Interfaith Food Bank. All the gingerbread houses will be on display from December 1-12 at Sobeys, so I encourage you to go check them out and see if you can find ours! I might even sneak over there to snap a photo of our house in silent auction action! Also, the house that raises the most money wins a PIZZA PARTY for their class! Anyone want to be generous and help us win a party?? :) Did I mention that our house looks amazing! 
Stay tuned over the month of December for more gingerbread news! 

Word Work
Last week we began to add words to our word wall. Students in Grade 1 were sent home with a list of 6 words, and students in Grade 2 had 11. I encourage you to practice these words during the week, and on Friday we do a quick check-in to see how many of these words we can spell. During the week we do a few different activities to practice these words, specifically by adding them to our writing. They then go up on the word wall, and students are expected to be spelling these words correctly in their individual writing. Here are this weeks words:
Grade 1: said, at, to, you, had, Christmas
Grade 2: said, at, to, you, had, of, snow, jump, was, use, Christmas

This week we are beginning to look at double digit numbers, specifically the tricky numbers of 11-20. These are tricky because they don't follow a pattern. We will also begin working on our addition facts from 1-10; our goal is to have these in our fast recall memory! 

Reading Strategies: 
Last week we learned 3 new reading strategies: chunky monkey, check for understanding, and re-reading. Chunky monkey helps up decode words, and the other 2 help us build our comprehension and understanding of the stories.
Here are some tips for helping at home:
Check for Understanding: 
Often beginning readers are so focussed on getting the words right, they aren't actually paying attention to what they are reading. We learned that every 1-5 pages (depending on book length) we should be checking to make sure we can retell what's happening in the story. Here is a simple picture to help students check when they are reading.

We talked about this being one of the most important strategies any good reader uses. There were 3 ways we used this, and will continue practicing these ways throughout the year.
1. If we get stuck on a word, finish the sentence and then go back are re-read the sentence to make sure it makes sense and we understand what was read.
2. If we check for understanding, and we don't remember what was happening (all of us tend to zone out at times), we should go back a page or two and re-read so we know whats happening. The point of reading is not just to read the words, we enjoy books, or learn because we understand the words.
3. After we finish a book we can re-read the whole thing. This will help us understand the book better and practice fluency. Often books get better the more we read them!

Try practicing at least one of these strategies in your home reading this week! 

Have a wonderful week as we welcome in December!